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Payment Options

Elliott Bay Animal Hospital requires payment at the time of service. We accept cash, Visa, American Express, and MasterCard as forms of payment.

We, of course, recognize that there are times when a pet owner family is faced with an unexpected illness and, in turn, unexpected expenses. We are sensitive to this and hope the additional resources we have shared below will be helpful to you and your pet.

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Pet Insurance

With advances in veterinary medicine, many pet owners now have access to state-of-the-art, life-enhancing care that was not available in the past. This care includes life-saving treatments for conditions that were once considered fatal for most pets. While this veterinary care is adding to our pet’s longevity and quality of life, it can be, for many, outside of what is financially possible for their family. This is just one of the many reasons that Elliott Bay Animal Hospital highly recommends investing in pet health insurance.

In most cases, pet health insurance will help with the costs of emergency veterinary care while also ensuring pet owners have a plan in place for their pet’s long-term healthcare needs. Similar to human health insurance, pet health insurance helps provide financial resources should your pet require advanced or emergency care. Also like human health insurance, pet health insurance plans vary by provider. It is recommended that you take the time to review those options and select the plan that best suits your family’s needs.

To take full advantage of a pet health insurance plan, it is ideal to insure your pet as young and/or early as possible to safeguard they are covered in the event of an unexpected or emergency veterinary care expense. We recognize that pet insurance may not be right for every pet owner, but we highly recommend reviewing pet health insurance options as early as possible. For more information and reviews on available pet insurance companies, please visit

Detailed below are a handful of providers recommended by our team:

Rebate Options

Essential veterinary care is often supported by the continued advances in preventative and prescription medications; medications that help address your pet’s complete healthcare needs.

At Elliott Bay Animal Hospital, we want to ensure that our clients are not only getting access to the highest quality products, but that they are also receiving the discounts and rebates available to them through the product manufacturers. Our goal is to always pass those savings along to you!

Detailed below is a list of current rebates and promotions available to you. Any questions, please drop us a note at We look forward to assisting you.



  • Simparica Trio: Earn up to $80 in Rewards
  • Revolution Plus: Earn up to $60 in Rewards
  • Revolution: Earn up to $35 in Rewards
  • Apoquel: Earn up to $100 in Rewards
  • Convenia: Earn up to $30 in Rewards
  • Rimadyl: Earn up to $70 in Rewards
  • Cerenia (tablets only): Earn up to $11 in Rewards
  • AlphaTRAK: Earn up to $12 in Rewards
Bravecto and Sentinel (A Merck Company)


  • Bravecto and Sentinel Spectrum Chews: Earn up to $60 rebate
  • Bravecto: Earn up to $25 rebate
  • Sentinel Spectrum Chew: Earn up to $25 rebate
  • Sentinel Flavor Tabs: Earn up to $20 rebate


  • Galliprant: New users earn can earn $15 to $64 depending on medication dose and quantity
  • Elura: Earn a $10 rebate
  • Entyce: Earn a $25 rebate
Movoflex (A Virbac Company)


  • Receive a $5 rebate on one (1) jar of Movoflex Soft Chews

Mail-in offer

  • Buy six (6) doses, get $15 rebate on your next purchase of NexGard
  • Buy 12 doses, get $35 rebate on your next purchase


Eligible purchases receive a rebate check by mail.

  • Dasuquin Advanced
  • Denamarin
  • Proviable-Forte
  • Solliquin

Elliott Bay Animal Hospital Online Store

Also, please be sure to visit our online store auto-ship options and even more savings and rebates for you and your pet.

Rainier Animal Fund

If your pet is in need of advanced care and you cannot afford the full cost of treatment, please visit our sister non-profit, the Rainier Animal Fund. RAF’s mission is to help ensure veterinary care is accessible to Western Washington families. While RAF might not be able to immediately, directly assist you and your pet, they have compiled information on their site of other potential resources.

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