Diagnostic Testing

Our in-house laboratory allows us to run necessary tests on your pets health condition so that we can quickly respond to your pet’s needs. These tests may include urgent results, pre-surgical tests, and routine check up work such as:

  • Blood analysis: We take a sample of blood to determine its chemical, physical, or serologic characteristics. A blood analysis can measure Calcium, Creatinine, Thyroid, Phosphorus, White Blood Count, etc…
  • Urinalysis: An examination of the urine is needed to determine the general health of the body and, specifically, kidney function, usually including measurement of pH, tests for protein, glucose, ketones, and blood, and microscopic evaluation of sediment obtained by centrifugation.
  • Fecal exams: The feces of your pet are examined under a microscope and intestinal parasites or overgrowth of bacteria is identified if present.
  • Cytology: We study the microscopic appearance of cells, looking for the diagnosis of any abnormalities and malignancies.
  • Cultures: A culture is done to find out what kind of organism (usually a bacteria) is causing an illness or infection.

We also work with outside laboratories ensuring your pet with high quality, fast turnaround diagnostic tests with direct access and advice from clinical pathologists and other specialists.



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