Pet Loss FAQ

How will I know when it is time?
Knowing when it is time is a difficult and sensitive decision. There are no specific questions you can ask to get a fast answer. Talking with your pet’s veterinarian for reassurance and guidance will be helpful. Lean on your family and friends for additional support.

Do I schedule an appointment for this?
Arranging a time at the hospital or your home is a good idea but understand that you can’t always plan and predict such a decision, and we will work with you during this difficult time.

Can the euthanasia be done at my house?
For our established clients, home euthanasia is a service we can provide for you and your pet. A doctor will come to your home to perform the euthanasia and bring your pet to the hospital for aftercare.

Will it hurt my pet?
We try to make this a peaceful experience and as comfortable as possible a process for both owners and pets. A sedative is given to help the pet relax and takes about 15 minutes to take affect.

How long does it take for the actual euthanasia?
An injection is given into the vein and travels through the body to the heart. This is fairly quick, 1-2 minutes. At that point the doctor listens to your pet’s heart to insure it has stopped.

Do I have to stay with my pet?
This is optional, but a meeting with a doctor is required before euthanasia is performed.

What happens afterwards?
There are several bodily functions that could occur: Eyes will remain open, muscles may contract or spasm, urination or defecation may occur, the pet may take a gasping breath, this is an unconscious effort.

Can my pet be an “Organ Donor”?
Yes, for pets that are young to middle aged and relatively healthy, organs and bone can be donated. Please let us know if you would like more information. This will not be done without your express consent, and is not associated with any research project.
Click here for Donor Criteria (Canine or Feline) through Veterinary Transplant Services.

Other questions?
Please contact us.


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