What Clients are Saying

“I’ve been to several vets in Seattle and this place is by far the best. After being frustrated by other vets rushing through appointments, or pushing their medical agenda, I was so happy to finally meet with Dr. Moore. She took the time to truly listen and understand my dogs anxiety issues, being open to and suggesting several options, and we put a plan together that worked. She truly is an animal lover, and the front desk staff is great. It’s also nice that they are a full hospital with a pharmacy desk. Go here!” ~Julia A.

“I took my 11 year old weimaraner yesterday for the first time and WOW…What a great experience. Everyone from the start was super friendly. The Vet was fantastic, taking his time to answer all our questions without any rush at all. I felt really comfortable and that made my shy dog feel at ease as well. Great place, 5 stars! Dr.Crow was exceptionally caring with our weimaraner and us. It was time to let him go and we did the service at home. She came with Taylor, her amazing tech and they were both so sweet and empathetic. It’s never easy to let your doggie go, but doing it at home felt peaceful and not rushed. I want to thank Dr.Crow and the team at Elliott Bay for really caring for the animals and for the humans who also suffer when our babies suffer. You guys are really wonderful.” ~Nadia D.

“We love Elliott Bay Animal Hospital and were happy to find them after relocating to Seattle. We’ve been taking our Cairn Terrier there for a year and during that time they’ve helped us with his standard check-up as well as two emergencies where he was sick. Both times the staff was so kind and helpful! I appreciated that they recommended starting small with treatment and then watching his progress to see if he needed additional treatment.  In both cases, he ended up being fine and we appreciated not taking drastic, costly measures before we could see how he responded.” ~Rachel D.

“We got a same-day appointment on a Friday for our cat, who received fantastic care from Dr. Kimmel.  Our cat was at ease in her hands, and she took the time to explain what she was doing (e.g. cleaning ears) and how we could do some of the same things at home to prevent the need for future vet visits.  The vet assistant and office staff were also friendly and helpful.  We haven’t been to other vets in the area to make a price comparison.  Highly recommended!”  ~Jevon B.

“We were visiting our home away from home on the west side and we were so thankful to find such a fabulous vet clinic in an unexpected emergency!! They were so quick to get back to us and fit us in! Dr. Brands and staff were wonderful in patching our Lab Tikka back up! We definitely have found our West Side vet! Merry Christmas and thanks for being so wonderful!!!!!” ~Crystal and Tikka

“We had a very sick dog when Elliott Bay Animal Hospital and Doctors Kimmel and Crow came into our life to help save our dog. They have spent hours of time researching his unusual symptoms, collaborating with other vets and supporting us to get him well. We are especially impressed that so much of that time was spent after hours and even while Dr. Kimmel was on vacation. To describe them as caring is an understatement.
We came to the Elliott Bay Animal Hospital because of a bad experience at (our now previous), our vet. Our dog had lost all ability to stand and walk. When he tried, he would crash down and hurt himself. We called our previous clinic first thing in the morning to tell them what was going on. The clerk informed my husband that if we wanted our dog to be seen that day, we would have to pay an additional $50 because they were full, they close at 6:00 pm and it would “stress’ their staff. When I called back in disbelief, the clerk repeated the same spiel, including their policy not to stress staff. In fact, even though they were open the next day, they could not see him for 4 more days.
Elliott Bay Animal Hospital to the rescue. Although they had never seen our dog before,they got him right in and charged less for a first appointment than our previous vet was asking us to pay for a regular client.
I cannot say enough about Dr. Kimmel and Crows’ patience, compassion and thoroughness. The Elliott Bay model of customer care should be a role model, not only for vets, but for best medical practice in general.” ~Helene G.

“Loved everything about this place. I brought my pit bull in on relatively short notice for not bearing weight on one of her back legs and everybody was great, to the front office staff to the techs to Dr. Kimmel. My pup received a very thorough exam and Dr. Kimmel sat down with me for a good 20 minutes going through possible diagnoses and the diagnostics needed. She was up front about pricing and even suggested that there may be cheaper places to go for surgery, if it was necessary. Wow! Color me impressed. She fit Georgia in for films under sedation that afternoon and called me personally with the results before going over them with me when I came to pick her up. I really appreciated the time she took out of her certainly busy day to reassure an anxious dog mom. Pricing was pretty standard I thought, having been to several different veterinarians in the Seattle area.” ~Emma A.

“I should have written this FOREVER ago because we absolutely love Elliott Bay Animal Hospital. Our Boston terrier Petunia has had every stomach issue under the sun since we got her 3 years ago. Because of her sensitive G.I. issues — she’s on prescription food and she went through the wringer while we tried to figure out what was wrong. They not only did everything in their power to diagnose the issue but they went the extra mile to make sure we were all on the same page and that we were comfortable with the treatments they recommend. Petunia is one healthy pup now (knock on wood) but we still see Elliot Bay every other month when we order her food. Everyone is so sweet that works there and we couldn’t recommend them enough to others!” ~Samantha S.

“I was referred here by a friend of mine as I have been bouncing to and from veterinarians for a while now. I just haven’t been able to find someone I truly like and trust for my dog and cat. I called and asked for the earliest available appointment and I was able to get in the next day. I saw Dr. Brands and he was awesome! He’s a straight shooter, no nonsense vet who gave me several treatment options to choose from. Didn’t rush me or ask me to spend all my savings either. I think this might be my new regular vet. The ladies up front were sweethearts too. I’ll be back!” ~LeAnn V.

“I had to put my 17 year old kitty to sleep, which was easily the worst day of my life.  I’m single with no kids and had owned her since she was a kitten; she was my best buddy and partner in crime.  I had run out of medical options for treatment and with help from Dr Kimmel made the decision to end her suffering.
When I arrived, they had the room ready so I didn’t have to embarrass myself while sobbing in the waiting room.  It was set up with blue sleepy time blankets on the exam table and bench.  Aimee talked to Cleo softly the entire time (Cleo was oblivious–she was so sick she didn’t know where she was), but it helped me.  She hugged me, reminded me that we did everything for her we could have, and even sent a sympathy card a few days later.
They send you the bill weeks later (what’s worse than having to put your best friend to sleep and then go out and pay for it right away?), and let me out the back door so I wouldn’t have to do a walk of “ugly cry face” shame through the waiting room.
I got her ashes in a beautiful box, along with a clay mold of her paws, and some of her fur that I asked them to keep.  Also, they make a donation to the WSU Pet Memorial Program and I received info on how to memorialize Cleo on their site.
Death is a part of life and I had dreaded that day for years, but as awful as it was, Dr Kimmel made it that much easier.  And for that, I’m eternally grateful.” ~Kristen D.

“I woke up the morning of the first day of my vacation, and saw my dog had been chewing his paw raw and needed to make an appointment for the same day. I called EBAH and they offered me an appointment in just thirty minutes. I hauled my dog down there, got the paper work filled out, and was promptly shown to an exam room where the vet tech did a quick exam. After waiting just a few minutes, Dr. Weihl came in and did a thorough physical exam since he was a new patient, then took a look at his paw. She explained several possibilities for what was going on, and took him in the back to take some samples for cytology. Since he needed some vaccines, they were also able to take care of those on the spot. I appreciated the fact that she went through which ones he really needed and which he didn’t- at first, she wasn’t going to give him leptosporosis, but after hearing that Cado frequents goes hiking and diving in mud puddles, she opted to give him the vaccine after all. It was nice knowing that she wasn’t going to give him the vaccine just to make the extra money unless it was going to benefit him.
I went back to the waiting room while he was getting his shots and samples taken, then they brought him out to wait with me. Another thing I noticed was how friendly the other clients were- everyone seemed to be in a good mood and were chatting with each other. It was nice not being give the stink eye for having my big pit bull mix sitting next to their cat carrier (although they do have a cat waiting area).
I talked to several other staff members, and then Dr. Weihl came back to give me his final treatment plan. I ended up having to contact the office with some questions after the appointment, and each e-mail I sent was quickly answered with a call from the Dr. herself. I really like Dr. Weihl- she took the time to listen to what was happening with Cado and formulate a plan. She also made sure to put thorough note’s in Cado’s file and provide an alternate contact for while she was out of the office for a few days. She event put a decision-tree in his chart to help anyone out in figuring out next steps in his care. This sort of attention and compassion make me happy with choosing EBAH as my new vet.” Jess H.

“We have taken all of our dogs to Elliott Bay for the last 15 years and will not take them anywhere else. Even after we moved outside of the neighborhood, we still make the 25 minute drive to take our pets there.  Their staff is the absolute best!  Dr. Kelly and his entire team truly have your pet’s health as their #1 priority. Not only are they the best in their field, but they are also compassionate in their approach.  They (the vets, not just a tech) go the extra mile to make the personal phone calls to you, to check in and walk you through treatment options, when needed.  Our dogs have lived long and healthy lives thanks to EBAH.” ~Adrienne R.


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