Pet Insurance

Which Company Offers the Best Policies?

Elliott Bay Animal Hospital does not endorse any one plan. Everyone’s needs are different and pet insurance should be researched for what best fits your needs and budget. A good website to research is

Pet Insurance Providers:

Trupanion – Georgetown (800) 569-7913
HealthyPaws – Bellevue (800) 453-4054
Embrace (800) 511-9172
Petplan (866) 467-3875
ASPCA (866) 861-9092
NationWide (formerly VPI) (888) 899-4874
AKC (866) 725-2747


What Kind of Insurance Coverage is Available?

Many companies have a basic plan which covers illness and injury (example: Trupanion Overview). Within the basic plan, you can often select your desired deductable amount and whether or not you desire their standard plan or a more superior plan, which would cost more but also provides maximum coverage. In addition to the basic plan, most companies offer add-on’s, such as:

  • Pet Wellness (this would cover things like, annual exams, vaccinations, preventative dental care, annual laboratory profiles, sterilizations, etc.)
  • Cancer Coverage
  • Lost Pet Retrieval
  • Boarding Fees
  • Death Benefit
  • Burial/Cremation
  • Behavioral Modification Treatment

* Some companies include these normal add-on’s in their standard policy *

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Co-Insurance?
Co-Insurance is the portion of the costs that you will have to pay. If your policy has a 20 percent co-pay, you would have to pay 20 percent of any total bill.

What is a Deductable?
A deductable is the predetermined amount that you would be responsible for before the insurance starts to pay. There is a lot of variation between insurers, ranging from $0 to $500.00. For some companies you can select the amount of deductable you desire. Deductibles also vary from an annual to per claim.

Will my Pet be Covered Out of State or Country if on Vacation?
Coverage while you travel varies with the insurer. If this is a concern, be sure to check with the company before you purchase.


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