Home care of Bandages, Casts and Splints

Bandages, casts and splints are designed to protect and / or immobilize an injured limb or body part. Splints and casts are designed to bear the animal’s weight and immobilize the limb. These devices also protect the injury from the animal’s instinct to like or bite at an injured area.

Your pet may attempt to remove the bandage or splint by biting or chewing at the material. Fortunately, most animals will tolerate such devices quite well if they are not too uncomfortable. If necessary to stop any biting or chewing of the material, your pet’s doctor may recommend trying an Elizabethan Collar (E-Collar).

Basics of Home Care

  • Keep the bandage clean and dry. If your pet goes outside in wet weather be sure to place a plastic bag over the bandage temporarily so that none of the materials get damp or wet. DO NOT leave plastic bags on all the time as sweaty paws will dampen the bandage and necessitate a bandage change
  • Inform the doctor of any loosening or slippage of the bandage. If your pet’s toes are visible at the bottom of the bandage, make sure they are not swollen.
  • Restrict exercise to short leash walks while wearing the splint/bandage. Confine pets indoors, preferably in a small room. Excessive activity delays healing and will result in more frequent bandage changes.
  • Discourage the pet from licking and chewing at the bandage. If your pet has tolerated a bandage well and suddenly starts to chew or bite at its bandage, consult your veterinarian. This may indicate that a bandage is too tight or uncomfortable from developing pressure points and needs to be checked by our technicians or doctors.
  • Be sure you know when your Doctor would like to have the bandage removed or changed and set up an appointment for that day.
  • Call the Hospital if the bandage has any odor or if your pet becomes listless.


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