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A Message from Our Team

Dear Clients,

Warm weather is finally here!

We have set up a temporary shade sail over the sidewalk to offer a cooler place for you to stand or sit if it is too warm in your vehicle during your appointment time. It holds three socially distanced spots under the shade for you to safely stand or sit. If space allows and you would prefer to sit, please let us know when communicating via text and a team member will provide you with a pre-cleaned chair.

Despite the warmer weather, we must continue to request that you not enter into the hospital.

PLEASE wear a mask, and maintain social distance when interacting with any of the hospital staff outside. Our staff is reporting some clients are not respecting this request.

If you do not have a mask upon your arrival, we will happily provide one for you. Please communicate to the front desk via text and one will brought out to you. Knowing that COVID 19 is spread via respiratory droplets that can easily travel well over six feet, we need to protect each other by wearing a mask and maintaining social distance.

Thank you in advance for helping us all stay safe and healthy so that we all can get through this pandemic together.

EBAH Doctors and Staff

Other Updates:

  • At this time our boarding facility remains closed. The reopening date will be announced via email, Facebook and our hospital website.
  • Our hospital will remain closed on Saturdays until further notice. We will post the reopening date on Facebook, our website and notify you by email.
  • Prescription food delivery dates and times have been extended due to high demand. In some cases, our deliveries are arriving up to 7-10 days later than expected. Please allow additional time in case your order is delayed.

Important Note:

  • Due to the very high volume of emails, a prompt response from us may be delayed. If your pet is in need of urgent care or is having a medical emergency, it is important that you call to speak with someone directly. Please do not text or email.

Parking lot veterinary service update:

Curbside service requires more staff and time to assist you and your pets. We continue to look for ways to make it more efficient and seamless for you, and kindly request your assistance with the following:

  • Please do not ask a team member in the parking lot for assistance, unless you have a medical emergency. Each team member is preassigned and involved with assisting other clients. If you have alerted us to your arrival, your designated assistant will come directly to your car.
  • Our team members assisting you will arrive at your vehicle with clean hands, fresh gloves and wearing face masks for your protection. Please protect them by also wearing a face mask during your curb service appointment.

For scheduled appointments (technician or doctor):

  • Please text the main number (206-285-7387) upon your arrival with the following information.
    • Your name, pet name, appointment time and parking space #.
  • Please do not drive away before payment for services is completed or during your pets’ exam time without informing us.

For product pick up (food, medications, supplies):

  • Please text the main number (206-285-7387) upon your arrival with the following information. Your name, pet name, what you are picking up and parking space #.
    • All client parking spots have now been numbered to help expedite service.
    • If payment has not yet been made for the items you are picking up, please call the main number (206-285-7387) with payment information. (We do not keep your credit card information on file).
    • We understand your time is important, however if you are on hold, please do not press options for the pharmacy, prescriptions refills or food as you will most likely receive our voicemail. We are working diligently to make sure all of your needs are met and we so appreciate your patience!
    • Once payment is received, we will deliver your item(s) to your opened trunk or pass it through an open window.

For scheduled drop-offs or anesthetic procedures:

Please visit our website and download the necessary forms to complete prior to time of service. Our team is happy to help assist you in which form(s) will be needed.

We proudly serve the pets of the Seattle metropolitan area.

We love being part of your community! We provide compassionate veterinary care for the pets of Interbay, Magnolia, Ballard, Queen Anne, Crown Hill, Fremont, Wallingford, Capitol Hill, Downtown Seattle, and beyond!

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