Angel Fund Personal Stories – Vince

‘Vince’ (Jimmy Bill)

vince_2My name is Lynette and I have been bringing my cats to Elliott Bay since 1993. I have found them to be a very skilled and compassionate group of Animal Health Providers.

This started with my very first self owned cat Smudge. I boarded him here for a day, while I moved into a new home. Smudge not only got a flea bath and a nail trim, he was spoiled rotten and hooked. Elliott Bay staff were his family away from home. They continued to spoil him and keep him in good health until he went to The Devine Animal Kingdom in 2001.

Since then, they have cared for and spoiled all of my precious feline children. A month ago they gave a royal send off to my latest child, Emily. They had cared for her for two years and worked with her obesity and diabetes. They were very supportive to her and myself.

Emily left a deep hole in my life. I was given a black domestic female cat by one of my friends, but there was no replacing my Emily. I decided to look at the Animal Shelter across the street from Elliott Bay . Within five minutes, I fell in love with a ten year old male black short haired domestic cat…Vince. He was a true Feline Prince. I had to wait until the weekend to pick him up. The Shelter could not hold him for me, so a couple days later, I was lucky enough to find him still available. He was a gift! I like to say that he was Emily’s parting gift to me!

Meantime, my friends at work were very supportive to me in my loss.

One of them kiddingly told me to name my new cat after him. This was a joke! I was a Mom to Jimmy’s new kid. I went along with it and named the cat Vince “Jimmy Bill.” Now he is our official mascot and everyday I make a report on Jimmy Bill.

vince_3When Dr. Kimmel examined Jimmy Bill, she discovered a seriously rotted tooth and a large abscess. She was concerned about the cost of repairing Jimmies mouth and of course, my previous loss. Could I take a risk on Jimmy and afford the added cost? I love cats and couldn’t stand the thought of the possibility of Jimmy’s mouth never being taken care of. I think that Emily would want another cat to have a chance. I insisted and I was told that The Angel Fund would pay for some of the charges. What a Blessing!

vince_4I have lots of admiration and respect for the care Elliott Bay Animal Hospital provides for their clients. I have even more respect and admiration for their care and compassion for homeless cats as well! Here is a GREAAAAAAT place to bring your furry four footed children.


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