Angel Fund Personal Stories – Kenzie


kenzie_1When we adopted Kenzie as a puppy she was an abandoned “Lab Husky mix” who was found in a dumpster in Woodinville. She came home with a bladder infection, a still-healing broken leg, pano and bilateral hip dysplasia. A year later, and two more bladder infections, she was hospitalized with Giardia. And then repeatedly for IBD over the next two years. Last summer, finally, everything seemed to be sorted out. Her IBD was under control, she’d long since outgrown the pano and the broken leg and her hips weren’t giving her too much trouble. And then the bladder infection came back…and wouldn’t leave. The worst day for both of us was waking up a few weeks ago, looking at her and thinking “Oh no…she’s dying.”

Three years after first bringing her home, she’s become a “Flat Coated Retriever Husky mix,” who has, despite everything she’s been through, remained happy and optimistic. She’s never let her illnesses get in her way of having fun, loving on everyone she meets or her mission to make those around her happy. She is by far the best part of our day, coming home to that happy face, the “Woo-woooooo!” of excitement when we open the door, the unconditional love she gives to those who love her and the ever-present reminder to look on the bright side and keep the glass half-full no matter what. Today when we wake up, she’s there, waiting with Hedgie the Hedgehog, a kiss and an over-zealous tail, ready to start the day. She’s on the go non-stop and back to her old puppy self. Things have gone from the bleakest they could be to the brightest they’ve been in ages. We’re still hopeful this last round of antibiotics will finally cure her, that the bugs won’t mutate again. And she reminds us each day to keep moving forward, keep wagging our tails and sniffing the flowers, looking for the good in life.

kenzie_3We’re so grateful Dr. Teagarden, Dr. Kelly, Dr. Crow and Dr. Johnson have worked so hard to keep our girl strong and to help her regain her health. They’ve been so diligent in her care and have gone above and beyond what we expected, what we’d hoped for. We cannot thank them, and everyone else, adequately for all their hard work and willingness to work through these past few months. It’s been a fantastic (and stressful, and difficult) experience.

Thank you so much, for everything!
~Steph and John

We’d seen a lot of Kenzie (and Stephanie!) over the last few months, with a recurring bladder infection that just wouldn’t quit. Stephanie went above and beyond the call of duty caring for Kenzie, even going so far as to get her a needed surgery that may help to inhibit the potential for infection in the future. When Stephanie called a few weeks after that surgery, Kenzie’s symptoms had returned and Stephanie sounded defeated. With the generosity of our Angel Fund donors, we were able to help Stephanie out with another round of treatment, another course of antibiotics, and another chance to nip those bugs in the bud.


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