Angel Fund Personal Stories – Henri


henri_2Hi, my name is Henri and I will be six months old in another week. I really want to thank Dr. Karen Myhre and the entire team at Elliott Bay Animal Hospital for saving my life. On the morning that I started to feel really bad, my big sister Bella (she’s a Westie too) told me to hang on and Dr. Myhre would figure out what was wrong so I could feel better. Bella told me last year when she was feeling really cruddy and was very scared, Dr. Myhre diagnosed Addison’s Disease and helped her get well.

Sure enough, we agreed with my mom, Ella, that something was wrong with me and after performing blood tests, quickly figured out that I had something called Hemolytic Anemia. They called Dad and he rushed me off to the critical care hospital (ACCES in Lake City) to get a blood transfusion. Dad kept telling me on the drive over to hold on just a little longer and I would feel better soon. I don’t know much about Hemolytic Anemia, but I do know about bad driving and we were lucky to get there in one piece (slow down dad, you know I get carsick).

The staff at ACCES took really good care of me and treated me like a prince. I think I had the Presidential Suite or something. They hooked me up to a water hose (what they call an IV) and tried to fill me up. I also got lots of treats called “pill pockets”. They thought they could hide the medicine in these and try to trick me. I won’t tell them that they didn’t fool me at all. I just wanted to get better. Everyone was really kind to me and I’m really sorry for having potty accidents.

The hardest part of being at ACCES was missing my parents and my sister Bella. Every time Mom and Dad came to visit me they were crying. One day my big sister Bella finally came for a visit. She treated me like I was going to be fine. Actually, she kind of picked on me and I loved it. She told me that Mom and Dad were very worried but that everything would work out. She heard them say something called “cost” and “money” was going to make things hard for awhile but they would help me get better. I love my family and am really trying my hardest to get better. I know that is really a rare disease and tough to beat, but I will beat it, you can count on it!

henri-bellaIt has now been two weeks since I went to the hospital. I only had to stay there for four days. I still go back every couple of days to get stuck and drained. They keep telling me to “raise my PCV” and keep chanting “no agglutination”. I really don’t know what they are talking about but I am really starting to feel better. I now see Mom and Dad smiling a lot these days and that makes me happy.

I would really like to thank everyone at Elliott Bay Animal Hospital, ACCES and their Blood Bank for helping me get better. It really means a lot to my family that the EBAH Angel Fund helped with that “cost” thing. When my mom was told of the donation, she cried with joy! She was so happy that she gave Bella and I extra special treats to celebrate. I plan on beating this Hemolytic Anemia thing and continue to grow up strong and healthy. I know it would not have been possible without everyone’s help. Thanks for believing in me and giving me a fighting chance.


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