After Care Options


Clay Paws: Your pet’s paw is placed on a clay plate and an actual imprint is made. The name is also carved into the clay by a caring staff member. The “Clay paw” is optional and included in the price of any of the aftercare options. They come in colors white and/or terracotta.  Any additional “Clay paws” are $7.00 each. Simply request the number of additional “Clay paws” desired.
Aftercare Options

Private Cremation: the pet is individually cremated and the ashes are returned to the hospital in a beautiful wooden box for you to pick up. Some items, such as collars, leashes or bedding can be included at no extra charge. If you have an urn or special item…..

Non-Private Cremation: the pet is cremated with a group of pets and the ashes are not returned. The ashes are scattered in an orchard with whom we have a private relationship.

Euthanasia with no Aftercare: you take your pet’s body with you.


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